Opening Hours: 1 Dec. 10:00-18:00 • 2 Dec. 10:00-17:00

General Information

December 1st will be a day dedicated only to professionals, and will take place at a centraly located hotel venue, not at the exhibition area.

This day will entail several scheduled activities for the purpose of strengthening cooperation between the two sides Greece and Poland, and for creating new partnerships for both the tourism and the Greek product export sectors.

PROGRAM (analytical)


Friday 1 December 2017
Business Day * detailed program to be announced shortly

B2B Meetings between the Polish and the Greek companies (for products).

2nd Hellenic-Polish Forum under the Auspices of PIT (for tourism).

Dinner Gala Event for all Exhibitors and Polish media/ partners for strengthening PR relations between both countries, for tourism and products.